“Weapons will be used to suppress opposition activities”: Food Minister


The ongoing predicament in Bangladesh sees no hope. Rather than producing a solution for the severe unrest going on all over the country, government giants are indulging themselves in blaming and threatening the opposition parties. Branding the opposition’s current movement as terror campaign, Food Minister Advocate Kamrul Islam said “violence must be used to suppress such terrorist activities”. On the contrary, BNP standing committee member Barrister Rafiqul islam Mia claims that at times of political crisis, solutions should not be sought through weapon or force.

Rafiqul Islam continued saying, nothing can be compared to what Pakistan did to us, they tortured us brutally, however, could not survive on our land. This is because they were compelled to leave. The same goes for the ones who are persecuting and torturing us today. They will not stay here either. The history of politics will forget them forever. The two political figures made their positions clear in relation to this current disorder on Sunday at the capital’s BIUM Auditorium at BBC Bangla Songlap.

While answering a question from audience panel about any possible solution for the current turmoil, Kamrul Islam further stated that the government bears no responsibility for the ongoing problems but it is the duty of the government to ruthlessly fight back the terrorist activities being carried out by the opposition in the name of conducting movements. He accepted that the government has not entirely addressed the violence but it is working hard to eradicate all such terror campaigns by any means possible. He alleged that the BNP has changed its face. They are deliberately attempting to foil the prosperity of this country by proving it as an invalid state before the world. However, he emphasized that this situation does not contemplate any repetition of 1/11. On the other hand, Rafiqul Islam expressed the view that this situation would have never arisen if the caretaker government system existed now.

Source: Daily Manab Zamin