The International Union of Muslim Scholars condemns Bangladesh Government Crackdown


The international union of Muslim scholars condemns the repressive measures against the defenseless protesters,and urges the Bengali government to release all the political leaders as soon as possible, and demands the OIC and other international organizations pressure on the Bengali government, and urge it not to carry out the oppressive verdicts and to protect human rights.

All praise is due to ALLAH, and may peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of ALLAH, his family, and companions and those who followed him,

The International union of muslim scholars watches closely and with concern the arousing tension in the Republic of Bangladesh under the current government and it’s accusations against the leaders of the Islamic Movement of committing war crimes during the events of separation before 41 years, and holding private trials for them, and the decrees of death sentence upon some of them, which as a result lead to the resounding of the supportive voices of the Islamic movement from the different segments of society,demanding the release of those leaders, they went out in peaceful marches that kept order, but the government repressed those cries, and made them suffer all kinds of oppression, the thing that caused the martyrdom of some of them, and the imprisonment of almost 50 including women, in addition to the government’s decision of bringing them to trial.

In the light of these events the union has decided the following:

1 – The union urges the the prime minister of Bangladesh to release the political leaders, and to immediately stop the exceptional trials which lack the proper regulations and standards legitimately and legally that qualify them to issue such cruel decrees in such a case with a history of 4 decades! For all the proofs reveal that these are nothing but Mock trials that only aim to achieve political goals!

2 – The union highly condemns the repressive acts against the peaceful manifestations that calls for the release of the innocent leaders, preachers, and scholars, because it’s one of the freedoms guaranteed to the people, and the union urges the government to provide safety and security for everyone, in order to eliminate the sedition, unite people, and turn away the dangers surrounding the country.

3 – The union affirms that standing by force and violence in the face of the people will do no good! because the nations will triumph, GOD-willing, it’s written!
The Arab Poet has once said:
If one day the nation demands life.. then the nation must triumph .. and the night must disappear and the fate must surrender!

4 – The union urges the Bengali government to direct all of it’s efforts towards construction, and the full national development, and to face the economic problems that threatens the country with the complete collapse, such as poverty, the unemployment, and the low standards of living due to the prevailing corruption in government at the expense of the penniless people of Bangladesh, it’s time for this government to take care of it’s citizens,and to fulfill it’s duties towards them, by establishing justice, practicing Shurah, ensuring freedoms, providing dignity, preserving blood and properties, by this and only this the reason of faith and security, Islam and safety; shall straighten!
and goodness and blessing shall be realized for people in Dunya and Akhirah!
“Yet had the people of the towns believed and had been Godfearing we would have opened upon them blessing from heaven and the earth” Surat Al-A’raf (96)

5 – The union appreciates all the efforts that have been exerted by the servant of the Holy
Haramyn King Abd-Ullah Bin Abdul-Aziz, Dr.Muhammad Morsy the President of The Arab Republic of Egypt , Mr.Rajab Tayyib Erdogan the Prime Minister of Turkey, the government of Malaysia and the other Islamic and Arab leaderships for their efforts to pressure the current Bengali government, and the union reminds all of the Muslim leaders of their historical responsibility before ALLAH first and foremost, then before the Muslim Nation towards their bretheren of the leaders of AL-Jama’ah Al-Islamiyyah and their companions in the prisons of Bangladesh’s government facing the shadow of death that has been planned for them

6 – The union appreciates the efforts of the international lawyers, human rights groups for opposing the verdicts,and urges them for more, in order to prevent the government from carrying out such verdicts against those innocent leaders.

And in the end we ask ALLAH to protect our Muslim brethren in Bangladesh from sedition, both obvious and hidden, and bring back security and stability to this land.

“And God’s will always comes into effect, but most of the people don’t know” Surat Yusuf-(21)

ALLAH is the succor!

Doha-Rabi’ Al-Akir-1434

President of the Union : Dr.Yusuf Al-Qaradawi
Secretary-General: Dr.Ali Al-Qurra Daghi