“Why arrest Farabi, he was not present at the crime scene”

Ajoy Roy

The arrest of Farabi Shofiur Rahman, prime suspect in the murder case of blogger Avijit Roy is just for show, said the victim’s father Dr Ajoy Roy.
Avijit’s father complained as such before the TV cameras of private television channel Shomoy TV.
Dr. Ajoy asked, “Why arrest Farabi? He may be a troublemaker, but he was not even present at the crime scene. I want the real two murderers who fled by motorcycle. It does not take so long to mark them.”
He also said, “Police should have followed them with their vehicles. Witnesses informed that the police did not chase after them.” Although the police did not play a satisfactory role during Avijit’s murder, the former Professor of Physics at the University of Dhaka Dr. Ajay is optimistic about his murder trial.
He said, “Since the FBI has been involved they may not leave so soon, they will see it to the end.”
Meanwhile, on Friday by visiting the Teacher-Student Centre (TSC) of the university area, the murder site was photographed by the four members of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the main detective agency of America.
They also visited Bangla Academy premises, Suhrawardy Udyan, and the surrounding area for photography.
On his way home from Ekushey Book Fair on 6th February at around 9pm, Avijit Roy (42) died from machete attacks by criminals at the TSC of Dhaka University area.
His wife Rafida Ahmed Bonna (35) was also attacked at the same time. The machetes struck her head four times and the thumb of her left hand was cut off.
Due to this incident, Farabi Shofiur Rahman was arrested by Rapid action battalion (RAB) on 2nd March from Jatrabari bus station as the prime suspect of the murder of Abhijit Roy .
Later Farabi was transferred to the designated Metropolitan Detective Branch (DB) of police for Avijit’s murder investigation. On Tuesday, DB took him on ten days remand.
Bengali daily Ananda Bazar, a newspaper of Calcutta in India, published that on the basis of information found by questioning Farabi, the ABT member was arrested by police.
On the night of February 15, 2013, a blogger Ahmed Rajib Haider, also known as ‘Thaba baba’, was hacked to death in front of his house at 56/3 Pallabi Palash Nagar of the capital, Dhaka.
After the murder of Rajib, Farabi gave a Facebook status, “Any Imam who will conduct the Janaza (Islamic funeral) of Thaba Baba will also be killed. Janaza prayer is for Muslims only. No atheist apostate who abused Allah and His Messenger throughout his whole life can have janaza. Thaba Baba’s body should be given to Mirpur zoo as tiger food. This Bangla soil will not give shelter to the body who abused Allah and His Messenger throughout his life.”
Later, based on this status, a claim was made from the ‘gonojagaran moncho’ of the Shahbag Movement that Farabi was involved in the assassination of Rajib.
Due to repeated demands, Hatahajari police station arrested Farabi on the night of 24th February 2013 from a mess situated at gate number two of the Chittagong University area.
Later Farabi was handed over to Dhaka Metropolitan Police (Detective Branch) police. DB took him on seven days remand for questioning. But no information was found from him during the remand period relating to Rajib’s murder. At one point he was released on bail.
After the murder of Avijit social media, media and supporters of Avijit made allegations against Farabi. A facebook comment made by Farabi against Avijit is being highlighted repeatedly.
A man named ‘Mannan Rahi’ tagged Farabi in a comment on the night of 9th february, “Avijit Roy lives in America. So he cannot be murdered right now. He will be killed when he comes home.”
Based on this status, Farabi is considered to be the prime suspect of the Avijit murder case. However, by delving into his past, information was found regarding Farabi having mental illness.

Source: TazaKhobor