Impoverished Mother of Three Arrested for Opening Gate Late to Night Raid Police


Shiuli Begum, 27 year old mother of three, has been arrested from Mirpur. Her youngest is a 7 month old baby. Shiuli’s family had a modest income, with her husband, Mr Abul Kashem earning 7 thousand taka (US$90) per month. 
Shiuli’s small family used to live in a ground floor room of a Mirpur building. The building was originally owned by the former BNP Secretary General Late Khandakar Delwar Hossain. He allowed Shiuli’s family to live in the small room free of rent due to their financial condition. Abul Kashem was employed as a house keeper at that time. The building is now owned by Late Khandkar Delwar Hossain’s son BNP leader Advocate W, who continued Mr Kashem’s employment and allowed his family to live in the same room in honour of his late father. 
Eye witness recount, Shiuli was late at opening the building gate when the police started knocking. The police officers got furious after the delay and arrested Shiuli as a result. Shiuli pleaded to the police during the arrest saying, ‘I have a 7 month old baby. I am a simple house wife. Three children and my family are all I have, I am not involved with any crime’. Shiuli’s 7 month old baby was too young to realise what was happening, but her oldest daughter was crying as the police started taking their mother away. 
The Police have filed three cases against her in Weapons Law, Explosive Substance Law and Quick Trial Law. The police have also presented her to the court on Wednesday and requested for a 24 day remand. The court has allowed a 2 day remand under the Weapons Law. 
Police claim, the arrested young men from the building are active members of a political party and Shiuli and her husband are their associates. Shiuli’s husband Abul Kashem has also been accused under the same case. He has been missing since the incident. 
The police refused to comment on reasons of Shiuli’s arrest.


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