EC officials also disappointed!


The ambience at the election commission today ironically shows that the city polls do not top the priority list of the officials.
The officials are viewing Bangladesh-Pakistan test series in their rooms.
When this correspondent asked several officials of the election commission about it, most of them came up with the same answer, that is, they all are enraged and frustrated about the city polls.
An official, requesting anonymity, said they worked so hard for a fair poll but since the morning they have not heard of any news of the election being held fairly.
When this correspondent said the Election Commission claims it to be an independent organisation, an election commissioner laughed and said on anonymity, “Not much independent than the government. No government wants the election commission to be more independent than it.”
Another official said, “The police chief and other high-ups claimed the poll was fair. We are merely the audience of this show.”
An election commissioner said, “The clashes broke out in the polling stations are mostly between AL-backed candidates and the rebel candidates of AL. The members of the law enforcing agencies are doing nothing but watching the show.”
Sources at the election commission informed the correspondent about 16 complaints submitted to the election commission.
Election Commissioner Mohammad Shah Nawaz visited around 16 polling centres.
He said there was allegation of ballot snatching but the situation deteriorated after he left the polling centres.
After visiting the Election Commission and talking with the officials, it was perceived that the city poll has become a farce.

Source: Prothom Alo