Channel I reporter attcked by ruling party Chatra League

amar desh

A staff reporter of Channel I named Shakeel Adnan and one member of its camera crew Md Sultan suffered injuries when they were attacked by thugs of Chatraleague [student wing of ruling Awamileague] and Juboleague [its youth wing], while they were carrying out their professional duties at Mirpur area of the capital city. On the other hand, two reporters of were arrested by DB [detective branch] police while they were covering events at Shahbag’s socalled Projonmo Monch.

According to eyewitnesses and Channel I sources, two journalists of Channel I went to report on Islamic parties’ event after Juma prayer at Mirpur Sheorapara mosque. At that time some local members of Chatraleague and Juboleague present at the mosque demanded to inspect IDs of the journalists. As the journalists enquired back about their identities, the thugs started attacking them. Both journalists have been punched, kicked and beaten up with sticks, suffering serious injuries. Ordinary worshippers have rescued them and sent them to a clinic. The police SI of Mirpur police station has said that he is not aware of the incident but will take action if any complaint is lodged with them. Amardesh report 9th March

Source: Progress Bangladesh Facebook Group