Cadman clarifies doubts on story


This evening I was asked to respond to the following questions by a journalist at concerning the publication of the video of the Prosecution Witness ‘Nannu”

BDNews24 ran the story under the headline “Cadman Unsure About Witness Nannu”

In order to clear any doubt. Here is what I informed the journalist:

I have been made aware that several videos have now been uploaded on YouTube. I understand that the video that I have seen was uploaded sometime after I gave the interview to the Daily Telegraph. I also understand, following the Dhaka Tribune article that a further video in which the witness in question denies being the person in the original. I have now watched both videos (although as I do not speak Bengali I am not able to understand what the witness said in the second video) and can respond as follows.

In the Daily Telegraph interview I stated that I found the contents of the original video deeply disturbing. I made the point that if the allegations set out in the video are true it warrants a full inquiry into whether there is a practice of witness tampering. I made no assessment as to the authenticity of the video only that it required a full investigation by an independent authority acceptable to all parties.

In my view the fact that the witness has denied making the statement is to be expected. He clearly does not want to go up against the Government, as what is stated in the interview is a very serious allegation.

Over the last 24 hours there have been a number of allegations that the video released was fabricated and that this is merely propaganda. There have also been a number of attacks on my professional integrity, although I have become accustomed to that. I stand by the statement that I made in the Daily Telegraph and repeat the request that there needs to be a full, independent, international inquiry into these matters.

When asked whether I could confirm that the witness in the video was Nannu, I responded:

“I am not in a position to confirm nor deny anything at this stage. I will review the various videos and issue a full statement in due course. I stand by my previous statement that this requires a full investigation by an independent authority. I have absolutely no reason at this stage to doubt that the original video recording of the witness is authentic; however, this should be the subject of an independent investigation.”

Source: Cadman’s Facebook