18 party supported candidates leading city polls

Photo: An elderly man seen taken to polling center in Rajshai on early Saturday

Unofficial results from polling centers and from the four cities show that pro-18 party supported candidates have led the city polls.

However, no official confirmation is yet from the offices of the returning officers.

Many jubilant supporters of the pro-18 supported candidates were seen shouting slogans in favor of their candidates.

Meanwhile, voting started from 8 am in the morning and continued till 4 pm mostly peacefully.  Sporadic and separated incidents of clash, polling agent ousting and suspending an assistant presiding officer has been reported.

During the noon, main opposition BNP alleged of threatening voters by ruling party men and law enforcers. They also filed complain with the election commission.

Awami Leauge candidates expressed satisfaction over the poll situation and said they would accept the results.

Meanwhile, Chief Election Commissioner Kazi Rakib Uddin Ahmed expressed satisfaction for peaceful holding of the city corporation elections.

Source: BD chronicle