15k live bullets fired into crowds 5/6th May massacre

Published in Jugantor, usually a pro establishment nwspaper. Extract translated

According to Daily Jugantar –a Bengali daily of Dhaka (12/05/13),
7588 armed personnel took part in the assault. The attacking forces were picked up from 3 armed organizations: 1,300 from RAB, 5,712 from Police and 576 from BGB.

The attacking troops were commanded by a group of army officers. The Daily Jugantar also published their names. Security consultant of Prime Minister – Major General (rtr) Tariq Ahmed Siddiqui tried negotiation, then the first open fire was carried out by Ltd.Colonel Kismot Hayat director of RAB. Others were were the intelligence chief of RAB Lt. Colonel Ziaul Hasan, the RAB-10 commander Lt.Colonel Imran, the RAB-3 commander Major Shabbir, the RAB-4 director Kamrul Ahsan and the BGG officer Colonel Yahiha Azam. Five commando officers also took part in the assault.

The Daily Jugantar also reported that 155, 000 shells of live bullets and other ammunition have been fired on that night. Since midday of 5th May, the police used 80,000 tear gas shells, 60,000 rubber bullets, 15,000 live bullets from shotguns and 12, 000 sound grenades. The attacking troops launched their attack from three directions. The RAB named it “Operation Flash-out” and the BGB called it “Capture Shapla”. It is also reported that the operations on the protestors went on for three hours, and ended at 5:30 am on May 6.

The Daily Jugantar reported that the troops carried AK-7 rifles, light machine guns, grenades and other modern ammunitions.

Source: Daily Jugantor