Pro Government imams paid to boycott 6th April Longmarch to Dhaka

hefazat long march

A press conference was held by a new organisation, “Shachetan Hakkani Alem Shamaj” (rough translation: Aware Scholars Society) to boycott the 6th April long march by Hefazat-e-Islam, at Jatiya Press Club, on Wednesday. It has been reported that this government supported organisation has been offering money (250 taka per person) to get participants in the conference.

The matter came to light when the participants began complaining that less money was given to them (200 taka) than promised. Some participants, who wish not to be named, informed Notun Barta Dot Com (NBDC) about this.

Another participant told NBDC: “A lot of the people at the conference are mosque imams or members of the Islamic Foundation who participated in order to keep their jobs. There were other people as well.”

He confirmed the issue of payment to attendees: “The man who spoke at the conference (Maulana Johirul Islam Miya) is close to the director general at Islamic Foundation – he helps in making his plans into actions.”

Another person told NBDC: “The director of the Coordination Department of Islamic Foundation’s head office, Harun-ur-Rashid, facilitated in commissioning these participants.”

The press conference convener, Maulana Johirul Islam Miya and coordinator, Maulana Abdur Kabir Khan Jaman played the main roles in this conference, although they are not known to many.

Maulana Abdur Kabir Khan Jaman denied that people were paid to participate. He said: “There is no opportunity to bring people with money. However, if anyone did make any such payments, I am unaware of it.”

In the Society’s banner, the two aforementioned ‘religious’ leaders condemned the leaders of Hefazat-e-Islam, including the well known religious leaders and top scholars of the nation – Allama Ahmad Shafi, Nur Hossain Kashmir and Ahmadullah Ashraf. They also declared Shahbag protest convener, Dr Imran H Sharkar, as a “true Muslim”.

Source: Progress Bangladesh Facebook page