Press Statement: Bangladesh Investigators Alleged To Have Conducted Unlawful Investigation In The US

For Immediate Release

1 September 2013


Defence Team in Bangladesh International Crimes Tribunal condemns Bangladeshi authorities for unlawful investigations abroad – files formal complaint with US Government

  • Legal representative of Ashrafuzzaman Khan accuses investigators of covert investigations in the United States against the expressed wishes of the US government.
  • Files formal complaint with US Dept of Justice, FBI and US State Dept

On 22 June 2013 the International Crimes Tribunal War Crimes Investigation Coordinator, Abdul Hannan Khan, issued a statement that he had spent two weeks in New York, conducting an investigation into allegations of war crimes against Mr. Ashrafuzzaman Khan.

The Investigation Coordinator informed the media that he had visited Mr. Khan’s place of work, the Islamic Circle of North America and confirmed that he had spoken with “various US quarters about the ongoing war crimes trials”.  The International Coordinator further confirmed that he spoken to the Bangladesh Ambassador to the United Nations, AKA Momen.

Commenting, international legal spokesman Toby Cadman said:

This visit does not appear to have been sanctioned by the US Authorities and as such constitutes an unlawful investigation.  The defence have today filed a formal complaint with the US Department of Justice, FBI and the US State Department.’

This was a cavalier and wreckless decision by the Bangladeshi authorities to enter a country and conduct covert investigations, despite having received no permission to do so. It is one of a litany of examples of malpractice on behalf of the prosecution during the International Crimes Tribunal in Bangladesh. It brings the whole tribunal into disrepute.

If there was a reason to bring this process under international supervision, this is surely it.’


Source: TMC Advisory Group