Allama Shafi interview regarding women & 13 point demands

allama shafi

Allama Shafi is leader of Hefazot Islam which lead th 6th April Long March to Dhaka

Naya Digonto: Many rumours are being spread about Hefazot Islam’s 13 demands. It is being propagated that If the demands are accepted, women will be not be tolerated at workplace. What is your opinion regarding this?

Allama Shafi: To demand ban of unnecessary free mixing between sexes does not mean that women will not be allowed to come out of their homes or go to work. Our aim is to stop nudity and shamelessness. We are on the women’s side. Islam has made hijab obligatory for women’s peace and security. Hence, there is nothing wrong if women go out of the house or go to work while maintaining hijab.
No other religion has given her due rights except Islam. The way men and women were spending nights, free-mixing and being shameless at Shahbag, it will lead to terrible consequences for the nation. Hence, our demand is clear; there will be no obstacle for women to go to work with hijab and modesty.

We are asking to mend the laws which are against the principles of Quran and Sunnah. The practice that has been introduced in the country in the name of art, building sculptures of human and animals and honouring them with flowers is unthinkable for a country where 90% people are Muslims. In Islam, building statues and honouring them is a Shirk. However, we are not opposed to expression of art. Lighting candles and fire worship is the culture of the West. There is immense pressure to enforce these new cultures in this country. Hence, there is no way to spread confusion or opposition about our demands.

Source: Daily Naya Diganta