Report on illegal Police action dated 2nd march of 2013

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‘A nationwide day-night hartal that was announced last Thursday (28/02/2013), demonstrators who came out in the morning in support of the hartal in the area of Farmgate, Dhaka were dispersed by sporadic gun shots from the police. From there, police arrested and took away 7 demonstrators, including 2 reporters, as well as injuring 25 people of which 4 are in a critical state as reporters by medical staff.

Relatives of those injured claim that after returning to the Police station, police were using foul and insulting language towards those arrested and were firing shots into their legs. A Shibir activist, Ismail Hussain was shot 3 times above and below his knee. Fahad and Muhin both of Shibir, while Alamgir Hussain of Jamaat all were each shot twice in the leg. Amongst them, Fahad was taken to the station toilets in order to be shot; he is in a serious condition. Doctors say they were unable to find a pulse for a while 24 hours after his incident. Currently they are being treated under police custody.

Meanwhile, relatives are complaining that the injured are not receiving the necessary medical treatment. They claim, they are not being allowed to visit or treat the wounded; instead the police are behaving in an inappropriate manner. Relatives are not even allowed to wait around for too long.

Moreover, arrested Rahat Amin’s father is also claims that he is being tortured overnight. His father says that if he couldn’t pay any money then Rahat will be further tortured.

Prior to this, a complaint has been recorded claiming that police have illegally taken money from the families after threatening to kill some of the arrested people. The number that was used to carry out these offenses was 01913 940840.

Police have forced and illegal pay-out of 1 lakh Taka from Jamaat activist Kazi Jamal Uddin, Y10 Lakh 50 thousand from Yasin and 65 thousand Taka form Jamaat activist Moinul.

Relatives of the arrested and wounded Jamaat-Shibir activists claim that all of these illegal activities took place under the directions of OC Mumin.’

Source: Progress Bangladesh Facebook Page