Odhikar issues half yearly rights report; concern over continued rights violations


Odhikar in its half-yearly report on Wednesday expressed deep concern over continued rights violations in the country and blamed it on political crisis.

‘Political  crisis  has  been  created  due  to  forcible  assumption  of  power through conducting connived and controversial  elections  on January 5, 2014,’ the right group said in the report.

They see no alternative other than holding a free, fair and credible election immediately to resolve the crisis.

Odhikar said that 79  people including a number of opposition leader and activists were allegedly killed extra-judicially in the last six month in the name of ‘crossfire,’ ‘encounters’ and ‘gun fights,’ and other means by Rapid Action Battalion, police and Border Guard Bangladesh.

The rights watchdog demanded that the government ensure accountability  of  all  members  of  the  law enforcement  agencies and to take  appropriate  measures  to  stop  the impunity they enjoy. The report said that 38 people disappeared in last six months. Of them, eight were found dead and 20 other were later handed over to different court. Whereabouts of 10 persons are still unknown, it said.

Odhikar demanded that the government bring the members of the security and law enforcement forces involved in the incidents of enforced disappearance and killing to justice. It also urged the government to accede to the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance, adopted by the UN on December 20, 2006. According to information gathered by Odhikar, from January to June, 30 people were shot in the leg by the law enforcement agencies after arrest.

Human rights violations by Indian Border Security Force continued along the borders as 23 Bangladeshis were killed by them in the first six months.

In the first  six  months,  a  total  number  of  298  females  were reportedly  raped.

The rights organisation alleged that the government continued to harass them, everyone associated with Odhikar and local level human right defenders.

The government also were harassing victims of human rights violations and their families, gagging their voices through hindering Odhikar’s activities.

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Source: New Age