Kamaruzzman’s son brands magistrates, home minister “liars”


Hasan Iqbal Wami, eldest son of death row war crimes convict Muhammad Kamaruzzman, on Saturday branded the two magistrates and the home minister as liars and claimed they had no talks with Kamaruzzaman in jail and staged a drama over presidential clemency to gain political benefits.

Coming out of the jail after an hour-long visit to Kamaruzzman at Dhaka Central Jail, Hasan Iqbal said his father told him that two magistrates when to his cell on Friday but they had no conversation but the magistrates later claimed that he had misbehaved with them. ‘Even the home minister also took resort of falsehood,’ he said.

Asked whether Kamaruzzaman would seek presidential clemency, Hasan Iqbal said, ‘The president has no power to take anyone’s life or give it to anyone. It is upto the Almighty. No question of seeking clemency to these “non-believers” and “cheats” arises.’

Hasan Iqbal said his father was firm and confident and smilingly said good bye.
Responding to another question, he said, they would take Kamaruzzaman’s body to Sherpur and bury it beside the orphanage established by Kamaruzzman there.

Source: New Age