John Kerry Cancels Dhaka Visit


US Secretary of State John Kerry’s planned tour to Dhaka on June 25 has been cancelled, confirmed diplomatic sources on Thursday.
“A communication from the US side has conveyed that Kerry is not coming to Dhaka on June 25,” said a diplomat.
When asked why the trip has been cancelled, he declined making any comment.
“Nothing has happened and there has been no official communication between Dhaka and Washington till today [Thursday] about the visit,” another highly placed source told yesterday.
Meanwhile, Press and Information Officer of the US embassy Kelly S McCarthy in an e-mail communication said: “The government of Bangladesh has extended an invitation to the Secretary of State to visit Bangladesh.
“Secretary Kerry would welcome the opportunity to visit Bangladesh at a mutually convenient time. Any travel announcement for the Secretary would come from Washington.”
Meanwhile, a diplomatic source said the visit was highly unlikely as the circumstances did not say a high-level visit could take place within such a short time.
Saying that US Ambassador in Dhaka Dan Mozena was now in his country and would return to Dhaka on June 22, the source said, “In the event of such a high-level visit, the ambassador would not stay in the US at this moment.”
Asked if the visit has been cancelled, a senior official at the foreign ministry said, “How can you say it is cancelled since neither the US nor Bangladesh has made any formal or informal announcement about the matter?”

Source: Taza Khobor