ICT defence lawyer of Mujahid assaulted by prosecution witness


Munshi Ahsan Kabir, lawyer for Jamaat-e-Islami leader and accused at the International Crimes Tribunal, Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujahid, has been hospitalised following an assault reportedly inflicted by prosecution witness Jahir Uddin Jalal

At about 5:30 PM on 26th May 2013, Defence Counsel Mr Ahsan Kabir was on a rickshaw travelling towards his chambers in Al-Razi Complex in Dhaka. When the rickshaw arrived in front of the Segun Bagicha Nur Masjid, Jahir Uddin Jalal, also known as Jalal Uddin, accompanied by several others suddenly surrounded Kabir and proceeded to verbally abuse him. Mr Uddin is a prosecution witness in the case against Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujahid. Uddin allegedly told Kabir ‘You are representing the Razakars. You son of Razakar, son of a prostitute’ and threatened to take action against Kabir and his family.

Mr Kabir responded saying that he was engaged as a defence counsel and that he was merely performing his professional duties. Mr Jalal reacted with further verbal abuse and kicked Kabir’s waist, whereupon he fell to the ground. Jalal then continued to beat Kabir on his back, waist and legs causing him physical injury. When Mr Kabir shouted out for help, Jalal left; passers-by pulled Mr Kabir to the side of the road. He had to ultimately be admitted to Kakrail’s Islami Bank Central Hospital where doctors affirmed he had been wounded in the abdomen, and had been administered with medication to ease the pain.

However, prosecution witness Jalal, also known as Bicchu Jalal, has denied the events, alleging the accusation to be a hoax and conspiracy. He told BDNews24.com, “The lawyers will present their argument for Mujahid soon. These allegations are being brought before that as conspiracy.”

BDNews24.com also reports Ahsan Kabir stated, “Jahir Uddin Jalal attacked me at Segun Bagicha with no prior warning. He was cursing at me while he punched and kicked me.”

Jamaat-e-Islami has condemned the assault, stating “This incident proves that the government does not want the trials to be free and fair.”

The party demanded that the attacker be arrested and the defence counsel be provided with security.

Ahsan Kabir said he will file a general diary with the Shahbagh police.