Home Minister announces month-long ban on political meetings, gives mixed messages


Hours after Home Minister Dr Muhiuddin Khan Alamgir’s speech in Chittagong over holding rallies and meetings, the Home Ministry on Sunday night said there is no objection to holding ‘usual rallies and meetings’ in the country.

After the minister’s speech in Mirsarai, Chittagong, the ministry in a clarification said, “The Home Minister, in his speech said, the government for the sake of maintaining law and order won’t allow any political party to enforce any political programme in the aftermath of cyclone that might cause sabotage and damage to public life and property.”

The Home Ministry further said, “It’s not a ban, rather a precautionary step to protect the public life and property. There’s no room for confusion.”

Earlier, the Home Minister said no political party will be allowed to hold any rally and public meeting for the next one month to maintain law and order and prevent subversive acts.

“Some political parties have caused a law and order problem in the name of holding their programmes. Hence, no one would be allowed to hold any kind of rally for the next one month,” the minister said while inaugurating newly set up Jorarganj Police Station in Mirsarai upazila at noon.

Article source: BDINN

Image source: Priyo News