Hindi film release sees more protests


Nure Alam Durjoy

‘Those who are trying to import the films should leave the country. They don’t like our language and culture’

  • Protesting the screening of Hindi films, people tear down the poster of Bollywood movie ‘Wanted,’ which got released in the country yesterday
    Photo- Syed Zakir Hossain

The silver screen stars, directors, producers, crews and their fans yesterday demonstrated in front of some cinemas in the capital against the screening of Hindi films.

As part of their on going protest, they chanted slogans against releasing Hindi-language films and torn down the banners and posters of a Bollywood film to show their grievances.

Yesterday, Salman Khan starring ‘Wanted’ was released in more than 45 cinemas across the country, sources said.

According to a per-announced programme, the demonstrators staged agitation in front of four cinemas from yesterday morning until afternoon.

Posters of ‘Wanted’ at Shyamoli, Ananda and Purnima cinemas were torn down at the time.

At around 4.20pm, three pick-up vans with the members of Bangladesh Cholochitro Oikkyajot pulled up in front of the Madhumoti cinema hall and chanted slogans against the decision of showing Hindi films.

The protesters raised their shoes to the distributors and owners who were observing the agitation below standing on the 2nd floor of the building.

Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar, secretary general of the association, took up a loudspeaker and said: “We will not let it go that easily. We have to win this somehow.’

“Those who are trying to import the films should leave the country. They don’t like our language and culture,” director Shohanur Rahman Shohan said while he was addressing the demonstrators.

Noted actors Sakib Khan and Misha Soudagor were present, among others, at the demonstration.

During a visit to the city’s cinemas yesterday, a very thin crowd was seen interested to watch ‘Wanted’.

Azizur Rahman, who was trying to sell tickets yesterday afternoon in front of the hall, said: “Wanted is an old film. People have watched it already. That’s why there are less spectators.”

“Bangladeshi films don’t do good business. Our big star Sakib Khan’s films do not last one day in the cinemas nowadays,” he added.

Arman and Sagir, printing workers, said though they had already seen it, they had still come to watch the film as there was nothing better to do.

Saiful Islam Choudhury, the new president of the Bangladesh Film Exhibitors’ Association, told the Dhaka Tribune yesterday that the protesters were thinking about their livelihood only, not about the film industry.

“The cinema halls have been closing down one by one and last year at least 15 cinemas were shut down because of sub-standard productions and indecent films.”

Saiful Islam further added that if the cinemas were closed down the film industry would not survive.

Iftekhar Uddin Naushad, the owner of the In Win Enterprise, said: “It is baseless that our industry will decay by importing Hindi films. It is obviously positive but we have to broaden our mindsets.”.

Three more films ‘Don 2’, ‘Three Idiots’, ‘Tare Zamin Par’ have already gained permission from the censor board and are awaiting release.

Source: http://www.dhakatribune.com