Five Teenage Opposition Chattri Sangstha Girls Arrested in Noakhali, Families Demand Release

ICS Women Arrested Feb 10 2015

Five schoolgirl members of the female student group, Chattri Sangstha, have been arrested in Noakhali. Chattri Sangstha is associated to political party currently in opposition, Jamaat-e-Islami.

The news was broken by Chattri Sansgtha via their social media outlet on Facebook.

The five girls have been detained by Police. The arrests were conducted during the reception ceremony of Noakhali Girl’s School ward on Tuesday. The girls were incarcerated by Police of Sudharam police station.

The arrestees are: Nafisa Islam (age 16) daughter of Wahidul Islam from Sadar Upazila, Meherin (age 15) daughter of ATS Sadeq from Shonaimuri Tasnuva, Sumaiya Akter (age 19) daughter of Belal hossen from Shonaimuri upazila, Mahmudatul Islam (age 18) daughter of Borhanul Islam from Jahajmara Union Hatia Upazila and Nadira Ferdous (age 17) daughter of Majurul Islam from Sadar upazila.

Concerns have been expressed regarding the arrest of the girls without warrant and that they include underage schoolgirls.

Placard of the reception ceremony and Islamic educational books were also confiscated from the gathering. The educational books included Islamer Adarsha, Allah’r Dike Ahoban, Shikkha Shamoyiki and others.

Family and friends have demanded the release of the girls. Chattri Sangstha have issued a public statement condemning the arrests and demanding the girls’ immediate release.