At least 200 Madrasa students missing from Narayanganj: Hefazat

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During the 5th and 6th May clash between between Hefazat-e-Islam and law enforcement forces, at least 200 Madrasa students went missing. This was claimed by the convener for Narayanganj City Committee of the organization, who did not disclosed his location. However, the Police say that they do not have any list of missing persons. 

The Convener of Hefazat-e-Islam Narayanganj Committee, Maulana Ferdausur Rahman, informed of this through a mobile phone call from an undisclosed location that they are assuming at least two hundred Madrasa students from Narayanganj went missing during the 5 May incident. All the Madrasas have been closed since then. These Madrasas are scheduled to resume classes from next Saturday, when it will be possible to survey and account for the actual missing number. 

It was found that Narayanganj district had 197 enlisted Madrasas. Among these, 184 are Qawmi Madrasas and 13 are Aliya Madrasas. But the Madrasa related Hefazat leader claims that the actual number is much higher. Most of the students of these Madrasas are children from very poor families of the Northern region, including Sherpur and and Momenshahi. Many parents went to the Madrasas to look for their missing children after the incident on 5th and 6th May, but found the Madrasas to be closed. Parents were fearful of informing the police lest troubles arise, so no GD or case was filed. Local sources have confirmed that many Madrasah students are still missing.

However, the Police say that they do not have any such information. Narayanganj Police Superintendent Syed Nurul Islam said they have a list of 197 Madrasahs in Narayanganj. He said that various police stations were searched for such reports, and no Madrasa students were reported to be missing from this district and that no guardian had reported any such case. 

Since the 5th and 6th May incident, twenty to twenty-two cases have been filed so far against more than a hundred Hefazat-e-Islam activists. Shiddirganj Hefazat-e-Islam leader Principal Mufti Mohammad Foyzullah, convener of district Hefazat-e-Islam and Khateeb of DIT Railway Masjid Maulana Abdul Awwal, Shiddirganj Committee Convener Maulana Bashirullah, District Committee Member Mufti Azizul Islam, District Co-Convener Abdul Kasir are among the hundreds of Hefazat-e-Islam activists who are still in hiding.

Maulana Ferdausur Rahman also said that during the 6 May clash with law enforcement forces, 5 Hefazat-e-Islam activists were killed and 144 injured. Among the injured, 33 are from Narayanganj Sadar, 17 are from Bandar, 21 are from Fatulla, 12 are from Sonargaon, 41 are from Shiddirganj, 18 are from Rupganj and 2 are from Araihajar Thana.

Source: The Daily Sangram