Youth TV for empowerment and entrepreneurship


Apon Zahir

In a time of rising unemployment and a growing youth demographic, it would seem that an imminent crisis is at hand as our wavering economy becomes more and more ill equipped to handle the annual influx of youth in the job market. However, a few people of foresight have taken wind of such ominous tidings and have already leapt into the fray.
Jointly founded on October 26 last year by the youth organisations Bangladesh Youth Association and Bangladesh Resource Improvement Trust, Youth TV is a society oriented online channel, aimed at identifying and solving social problems on a large scale. Youth TV aims at creating and transforming whole communities and social oriented industries. It primarily seeks to generate ‘social value’ rather than profits and strives to sweep and grow towards long-term change rather than focus on immediate and small-scale effects.
The main way Youth TV plans to carry out its goals is through a video documentary series called ‘Changemakers’. The Changemakers programmes are driven by the most successful and respected citizens of the country, which will include documentation of their work, the impact that they have on the social atmosphere of smaller communities, the larger sections of the society, for example the cities, divisions and eventually the country as a whole. Change-makers are a series of programmes designed to stimulate purpose, drive and inspiration in the youth of the country. In addition, it aims to show the general public that one is never too young nor too old to start making a difference. These programmes are aimed at driving the youth of Bangladesh into entrepreneurship that is not only beneficial to the society but to themselves by empowering, motivating and providing skill building training sessions.
‘Looking at the current state of youth development, empowerment and entrepreneurship in developing countries in comparison to that of developed countries, one is sure to notice the need for a platform that encourages, publicises, supports and empowers youth into entrepreneurship. Latest demographic studies show that Bangladesh is no exception to the need for youth entrepreneurship and development,’ Rahatul Ashekin Ratul, the young co-founder of Youth TV, shared with Youth. ‘The formal employment sector only caters for a fraction of the university graduates population annually, leaving millions of young people jobless and often without any source of income. Entrepreneurship is a suitable tool that can be used positively to cater for the remaining population of university graduates. The introduction of empowerment schemes such as idea generation, motivation, recognition of potential and so forth will allow the remaining qualified young people to engage in practices that will not only give them income and livelihood but will also benefit the society and community and eventually the country as a whole.’
Youth TV works with teams that are present in all 64 districts and 483 sub districts in the country. The Changemaker programme is a featured module in the national youth training programmes hosted by the department of youth development of the Ministry of Youth and Sports Bangladesh

source- New Age