Tigers in return win hearts of Honduran fans


Sheikh Khalil Sohel

Honduras football team and fans were totally amazed at the activities of some Bangladeshi young men just before the FIFA World Cup 2014 held in Brazil. Thousands of Bangladeshi young men hoisted Honduran flags on their roofs and balconies signifying their support to the Central American football team.

When rest of the Bangladeshi football fans were passing a rollicking time expressing their support for Brazil-Argentina-Spain and German football teams, the Bangladeshi fans of Honduran team made headlines by showing their support to one of the weakest teams of the international contest.

What most astonished the Hondurans was a Facebook fan page titled ‘Bangladeshi Crazy Fans of Honduras Football Team.’ Bangladeshi fans of Honduras team posted numerous comments, photographs and videos on the page as part of their craziness for the Central American team.

But, history has changed its course. Now it’s time for Bangladeshi team and supporters to be astonished. Hondurans announced their support for Bangladesh Cricket Team in forthcoming ICC Cricket World Cup.

Honduran woman Nohelia Escobar has created a Facebook event titled ‘Hondurans support Bangladesh Cricket Team: The Tigers’. One can get engaged in the event on https://www.facebook.com/events/1584907078412294

The Facebook event has been introduced saying, ‘Honduras received much support from Bangladesh during the FIFA World Cup 2014. Now it’s our time to give back! Let’s support Bangladesh Cricket team in this World Cup! Two Nations A Heart.’ ‘Tigers fight and win World Cup’, the event page also read.

Many cricket fans congratulated Bangladeshi cricket team on the page. Some of the fans, however, raises questions on whether there was any possibility of securing win for Bangladesh in this world cup. They also wanted to know how they can reach news and video links of the team.

Hondurans support for Bangladeshi team may not be the tonic to win the trophy but their love and support must inspire Shakib, Tamim, Mushfique, Mashrafee and other Bangladeshi cricketers.

Hondurans first amazed at what Bangladeshi supporters did for Honduras team. After media coverage of Bangladeshi madness, Hondurans plunged into emotion and gratefulness. Honduras football team dedicated their first goal at the World Cup to Bangladesh. Now, it’s Bangladesh cricket team’s part to dedicate their achievements to Honduran fans.

source- http://en.ntvbd.com