Students still missing after one and a half years since arrest


Accomplished students of Islamic University Waliullah, Al-Muqaddas and Saiful Islam are still missing after one and a half years. On 4th February 2012, they were picked up by the security forces from a ‘Hanif Transports’ bus in Dhaka’s Aminbazar.

Waliullah and Al-Muqaddas were students of the Department of Dawah and Islamic Studies and Al-Fiqh respectively. On 4th February 2012 they were returning to campus from Dhaka after taking care of some personal affairs. When their bus was at Savar, they were abducted by some identifying themselves as the Detective Branch Police. It’s been 18 months since the abduction and there is still no trace of the students.

Demonstrations, human chains and press conferences in condemnation of this were carried out in the campus, totaling at least 50 events. The university has not been operational for at least two months. Families of the students filed two cases but to no avail. There are also accusations that the university administration and the government did not take any step for their rescue.

University students submitted petitions to the Vice Chancellor requesting the rescue of the abducted students, built human chains, walked out on classes and exams, demonstrated and carried many such activities but the university administration paid no attention to them, the students claim. 

After the disappearance of two students, Saiful Islam from the Department of Law and Muslim was abducted as well. He was affiliated with the politics of Chatro League and president of the Bangabandhu Hall Branch. He disappeared from Dhaka on 22nd January of 2013. Many demonstration activities were carried out on campus in support of Saiful as well but the result was nil from the beginning. There is still no trace of Saiful.

It came to light that Saiful disappeared when he went to attend a meeting with Mahbubul Alam Hanif, presidency candidate in the new committee and special associate of the Prime Minister. There are also accusations that committee leaders after party positions are responsible for his disappearance.

University teachers’ association, Bangabandhu Parisad, Shapla Forum, Green Parisad, Zia Parisad, Amnesty International and many such international organisations have expressed concerns at the disappearance of the meritorious students. Attempts for their rescue have met with no success.

University student advisor Profession Dr. Mahbubur Rahman stated “three students have been abducted outside the university. We have tried our best to rescue them and our efforts continue in that regard.”

VD Professor Dr. Abdul Hakim stated “I’ve recently been appointed to this office. I have been informed of the disappearance of thee meritorious students. The past administration has worked for their rescue. The current administration will also continue the task.”