Shibir condemns killing of local leader Tuhin, alleges RAB directed by govt. to kill talented students


Bangladesh Islami Chhatrashibir vehemently lambasted the extra-judicial killing of Chapainawabgonj Shibir leader Md. Asadullah Tuhin after picking him up from his parent’s midst while having dinner together.

Chapainawabganj Tuhin

In a joint protest statement, the Central President of Bangladesh Islami Chhatrashibir Abdul Zabbar and the Secretary-General thereof Atiqur Rahman said, “The countrymen are in sheer shock to see unwarranted arrest and subsequent killing of Shibir leader Md. Asadullah Tuhin by RAB personnel. This killing is extra-judicial and inhuman. Such action by RAB is beyond their legal authority and nothing but ‘state-backed terrorism’. The student society is heavily infuriated by this heinous killing.”

“The killing of Tuhin is a sequel to the series of political homicides for long in progress in Chapainawabgonj. To pick a son in the midst of his parents while having dinner and subsequently kill him extra-judicially is quite unprecedented in history.”- The duo of leaders added.

The leaders warned the government and further said, “Do stop the barbarism connoting that of Aiyam-e-Jaheliat ere long. You won’t be spared if you kill students unjustifiably. No autocrat or dictator could succeed to hang on power by infuriating and killing the students. RAB personnel behind thekilling of Tuhin must be brought to book. Do stop injustices to the people. You must fall in a heap if you delay in heeding people’s voices and taking lessons from history.”

The leaders demanded that the government refrain from doing all types of undemocratic and illegal actions any further and also bring the registered killers to justice.