Sacked RAB Officers Planning to Flee


Lieutenant Colonel (Retired ) Tareque Sayeed  Mohammad, and members of his contract killing gang Major (Retired) Arif Hossain, Li eutenant Commander (Retired) SM Masud Rana, after being caught red handed are finally being awarded with the opportunity of fleeing Bangladesh.

Three officials of RAB were given forced retirement from the services, for their alleged involvement in the abduction and killing of seven people, including Narayanganj panel mayor Nazrul Islam.

They are commanding officer of Rab-11, Lt-Col. Tareque Sayeed Mohammad, Maj. Arif Hossain, and Lieutenant-Commander SM Masud Rana.

The alleged involvement of some officials of RAB in the Narayanganj murders has fueled anguish among people across the country.

The issue was also elaborately discussed at the regular Cabinet meeting, where Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina expressed her concerns at the allegation.

Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Tareque Sayeed Mohammad is son-in-law of an influential leader of ruling party and minister of Disaster Management Ministry Moffazel Hossain Chowdhury Maya. Minister is now trying his best to save his son-in-law. Tareque and his family is now trying to obtain visa of a western countries and preparing to flee from Bangladesh to avert legal consequences.

Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Tareque Sayeed Mohammad is a low caliber officer with poor track record in military service. He did not qualify from Defense Services Commands and Staff College.

He was unilaterally promoted from the rank of Major to Lt. Col only because of his Father-in-laws political connection.

The armed forces official said the officers have been dismissed and handed early retirement from the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), which rights groups blame for hundreds of extra-judicial killings.

“They were sent into premature retirement,” he told AFP, speaking on condition of anonymity. He added one of those sacked was a commander of the RAB while the other two were his deputies.

The move comes after a businessman in the industrial city of Narayanganj last week accused the three of abducting his son in-law, a city councilor, and six of his associates.

Their bodies were found days after their disappearance floating in a nearby river. Post-mortem examinations showed they had been knocked unconscious with blows to the head and strangled with ropes.

RAB chief Moklesur Rahman told AFP “the three officers have been withdrawn” from the force and a probe has been ordered.

According to the Daily Star, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has ordered her cabinet to find those responsible for the killings which have made national headlines.

The businessman told reporters that rivals of his son in-law hired the RAB officers at a cost of USD 77,000 and alleged that the money was deposited in the officers’ bank accounts.

The killings marked a dramatic escalation in the cases of enforced disappearances in the country following the January 5 general election which the ruling Awami League party won after an opposition boycott.

The main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) said most of the 300 people who have gone missing in the months leading up to and since the polls have been political opponents of the Awami League.

They have been mostly picked up from their homes by security agencies and some have later turned up dead, according to the BNP, adding that two more of its officials have gone missing since Sunday.

Source- BDINN