Punishment in BCL Stands for Rich Rewards


Expelled leaders in most cases were awarded with vitals posts.

In most cases it seems to be a real boon to the leaders and activists involved in violence in the politics of Bangladesh Chhatra League as such infamy earn them reputation and recognition in the party hierarchy. There has been a load of examples in the student front of the ruling Awami League that is very often found taking organisational action against those involved in terrorist acts.

But when an incident slips into oblivion the leaders and activists involved in it are eventually rewarded. Anwar Hossain Anu, now the organising secretary of Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) central committee, was once suspended when he was an activist of Dhaka University unit in 2008. His offense was to assault his co-activists.

Just a year after when his suspension was still in place Anu was made the general secretary of  Salimullah Muslim Hall unit. In 2012 he became the organizing secretary of the central committee after his tenure was over in the hall committee.

Not only Anwar, but the ruling Awami League’s student wing has rewarded those who had to face punitive measures earlier for their violent and criminal acts with the vital and powerful posts. Ahmedul Bashar, now the Assistant Secretary of the central committee, was suspended from the organisation when he was the president of Sher-e-Bangla Agriculture University.

Hafijur Rahman, now the assistant secretary of the central committee, was suspended in 2012 when he was the joint convener of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology. Mohiuddin Mahi, now the information and technology secretary of the central committee, was suspended from the Haji Muhammod Muhsin Hall BCL committee because of his involvement in a violent factional clash in 2010.

AB Siddique Rahat, now the deputy environmental secretary of the central committee, was also expelled both from the organisation and university for his involvement in the same incident.

The most interesting case is of Sakib Hasan Sweem, now the general secretary of the recently postponed Dhaka college committee, who was suspended from the organisation in 2012 for assaulting the then joint convener of the committee Al mahmud Tareque.

Later Sakib Hasan was made the general secretary of the college committee while Al Mahmud Tareque was given the post of organising secretary in the central committee.

A few months back Sakib came to the spotlight again for his involvement in a clash in which a general student was killed. After the incident the Dhaka college committee was dissolved but still Sweem is active in the organisation, said party insiders.

Uttom Kumar Das was suspended twice before he was made organising secretary of Sylhet Metropolitan Committee. Later he got a berth as a member in the central committee. After that he again got involved in a factional clash in which Imran, the general secretary of the SUST, was crippled for life.

The BCL central committee then suspended him for life from the organisation but he is still active in the organisation, said party insiders. Seeking anonymity one of the vice-presidents of the central committee told the Dhaka tribune: “It seems you can draw attention of the party decision makers by involving in violence. When an activist has such examples in front him he never fears punishment. It is not possible to curb violence by meting out this kind of so-called punishment.”

A good look at the BCL Dhaka university committee also catches the same picture of this student front of the Awami League: Wahidujjaman, now the deputy finance secretary of the DU committee, was suspended from the organisation in 2011 for his involvement in a bloody clash. Borkat, now the social welfare secretary and Shahin Ahmed, now the deputy invitation secretary of the university committee, were also suspended.

Mamun, now the university vice-president, was once suspended from the university for assaulting journalists. Noman, now the organising secretary of the university committee, was suspended from the University for his involvement in eve-teasing.

The scenario is more shocking in Jahangirnagar University committee. Sirajul Islam Sumon (now the vice-president of the JU committee) was detained by police and jailed for around a year over an internecine clash of the JU unit Chhatra League on February in 2009. At that time, Sumon was captured with a shotgun and different daily newspapers published his photograph with the shotgun.

JU committee’s four vice-presidents – Junayedul Haque Parvez, Rasel Miah Shwadhin, Shubhashish Kundu Tony and Ariful Islam, Joint Secretary SM Alamgir, Organising Secretary Mosaddek Ali and Al-

Beruni Hall General Secretary Uzzal Chandra Bagchi were expelled for life for their involvement in a factional clash on July, 2010.

Rahat Karim (vice-president), Tanvir Ahmed (organising-secretary), Sanwar Hossain (literature secretary), Bashirul Haque ( deputy secretary of social welfare affairs) of Mir Mosharraf Hossain Hall were too expelled from the university for different term as the authorities found their involvement in the terrorist attack on university buildings and teachers’ residence on August 2012.

Murshidur Rahman Aknd (organising secretary) was detained by police from Moulana Bhashani Hall with a 9mm pistol and 6 rounds of bullet on March 16, 2013 and the university authorities expelled him from the university on temporary basis on March 19 the same year.

Murshid became the organising secretary on October 10, 2013 in the extended committee of the JU unit Chhatra League.

Police arrested Md Mazedul Islam Shimanta (debate and drama secretary) from Shaheed Rafiq-Jabbar Hall with a huge number lethal sharp weapons in his room after a factional clash between the BCL activists of Moulana Bhashani Hall and Shaheed Rafiq-Jabbar Hall on March 2013.

He was expelled on temporary basis from the university. He was expelled for assaulting journalist earlier in 2011.

Shonjit Kumar, joint secretary of the BCL Jagannath University committee, was suspended from the organisation and also from the university in 2011 for harassing a teacher of the university.

Rafiqul Islam Shakil and Emdadul Haque Emdad, BCL activists of the university who killed Biswajit Dash, were also suspended from the committee. Another attacker of Biswajit, Noor-e-Alam Limon was expelled from the University for harassing a teacher in 2009.

When contacted, Siddiquie Nazmul Alam, general secretary of the central committee, admitted the fact that there have been examples of providing important posts to those punished for their involvement in violence.

“We always try not to include them in the committee but when they plead guilty and promise not to get involved in violent acts again we consider that,” he said flatly.