Prof Ghulam Azam case concludes, verdict any day

Ghulam-Azam_july 15 2013 [1]

The following statement was made by Prof Azam’s son on highlights from today’s proceedings:
‘1. Prosecution failed to give specific/ substantive evidence to prove any of the allegations brought against Prof Ghulam Azam (PGA).
2. Prosecution termed PGA as Lighthouse. Defence Lawyers agreed saying, “Yes, of course he is. He is the Lighthouse for re-establishing Democracy in this country, being the founder of Care Taker formula in the 80s. He is also a Lighthouse for all Islam loving people of this country”.
3. Defence Counsel said, “If PGA gets fair judgment, it is not possible for the court to sentence him for even ‘1’ minute. Rather, for bringing false allegation, Prosecution and Investigating Officer could be punished”.’

Source: BDINN