Politics of revenge in Bangladesh

July 21, 2013

According to newspapers, the foreign office has termed the matter of trial of former Pakistani citizens as internal affair of Bangladesh. These citizens who belonged to Jamaat and other religious parties did all what they did under eyes and the supervision of duly constituted authority of a united Pakistan.
Their trial is certainly not in the interest of the prestige and justice of Pakistan and it is decidedly not merely an internal matter of Bangladesh. If Sartaz Aziz does not act on this in a robust matter even his presidential credentials might be marred.
Legally, what is not crime at that time is not a crime now and what BD says it was a war of separation an illegal war at that time. These guys did all in good faith and committed only two crimes, they stayed on with their own people in Bangladesh despite overwhelming dangers all over and that secondly they supported Pakistan not as its agents but as its loyal citizens but for the sake of Islam only and thus did not relocate after Pakistan laid down arms.
Their sentencing in this holy time of year and for that matter at all means many things.
It shows that politics and revenge is dearer to current leadership of that country than any other thing and that even Pakistani business investment means nothing.
It shows that despite nukes, owing to weak leadership in every department Pakistanis are no longer feared or respected or even heard. It is strange that Pakistani government of Nawaz Sharif has not said anything publically about the fate which is affecting its former loyal citizens and soldiers of Islam.
Apparently Sartaj Aziz is not doing hidden diplomacy either. Saudi Arabia has not noticed these much too late imprisonments, death penalties of Islamic leaders either as the later could have helped since it has some leverage due to Bangladeshi manpower in the Middle East.
A noted Bengali lady intellectual scholar Sharmilla Bose recently published a well researched book which enumerates atrocities committed by Awami League’s Mukti Bahani but that has been taken off shelf in that country.
Bangladeshi government if it is so adamant on detailed justice should also open trial after death of Mujib himself for condoning such massacres of non Bengalis of which there is detailed evidence in the above book for example.
Pakistan also can start such a trial after all who suffered most? did not Mujib and India not hold Pakistanis for years against Geneva Convention? Did not the Beharis suffer persecution and those kicked out sold pens for years on trains of Pakistan.
It is ripe time for both Pakistan and Bangladesh to forget such bilateral madness of the past and let Bangladeshi government annul sentencing of Islamic leaders.
Adopting a course to the contrary will push Bangladeshi politics into extremism and Islam is general has proved irrepressible throughout history despite heaviest of the odds.
Who can better understand consequences of creating hostility than Family of Mujib itself? After all what is the guarantee in this turbulent world that an aging lady of a controversial leader will stay strong and others will just wither away automatically!

Source: The Frontier Post