Police ransack BNP leaders’ home; arrest 3 female family members

mirpur destruction bnp home

Can this be a Police Raid in Mirpur?

Staff Reporter  28 December 2013, Saturday: 10:51

Nothing in this neat and tidy family home was left intact. Everything broken and scattered away. Starting from the refrigerator, TV and computer to the bed, cupboard and sofa, broken into parts. Even the wash basin and commode in the bathroom were not spared. The house appears to be a victim of a terrorist attack fuelled by revenge and angry retaliation. But this unprecedented destruction was carried out by the people in charge of protecting life and property – the Police. And it was headed by the acting thana police chief. They have not stopped at the rampage. Unable to find owner of the house Jubodol leader Mamun Hasan, the police abducted his brother’s wife and his two college going daughters. The incident happened after midnight on Thursday.

Members of security forces carried out separate raids on Mirpur Manipur residents Jubodol leader Mamun Hasan and his elder brother Mahbub Hasan’s house. Unable to find him, police ransacked his elder brother’s adjacent house as well. Even though the police claimed it to be a joint operation, more than one higher RAB officials claimed that it was a police only raid. No RAB members twere involved in the incident. 

On a visit to Jubodol leader Mamun’s home on the third floor of apartment 832 in Mirpur Manipur, the door lock was found broken. It was a three-bedroom home. The scene of carnage was in view as soon as the property was entered. Furniture and belongings ruined and scattered all over the floor in broken pieces. Sofas turned upside down in the drawing room, arm rests broken. Dining table had been broken into pieces. The refrigerator knocked down. Broken bits of computer, TV strewn on the floor. The bed was broken and the bedding crumpled together. A large wooden cupboard thrown upside down on the floor. A teenager by the name of Raju was keeping watch over the ruined home. He is employed by an organisation of Jobudol leader Mamun. Raju said, at night, the police vandalised all these. A neighbour – wishing to remain unnamed – told that a team of police led by Mirpur police chief Salahuddin took part in the rampage. Awaken by the noise, they were instructed by the police to remain at home. So they did not step outside.

In the next alley, the same scene was discovered in Mahbub Hassan’ s home on the ground floor of 904/1 holding. The police rampage rendered everything in the household damaged beyond use. Even the AC has been pulled out. Mahbub Hasan was paralyzed for the last five years and stayed mostly in bed. He uses a stick to move barely here and there. He remarked with deep sorrow “I’m not associated with any politics. Still, OC Salahuddin destroyed everything in my home. I spent the last twenty-two years abroad in Saudi Arabia. I purchased land to built a one story house where I live with my wife and three children. They ransacked my house. My wife and two university going daughters had been taken. I do not know of any civilised society where such things can happen. What kind of country are we living in?” He spoke and wept. Then he collected himself and said again, my crime is that my younger brother is involved in politics. He is an adult and I do not have the power to prevent him from politics. Does the law of this country permit one brother to be punished for another?

Mahbub Hasan said his eldest daughter Marjiya Hasan is studying 6th semester of BBA in IUB, younger daughter Maria Hasan is studying HSC in the Economics branch of Saroj International School and College in Mirpur and wife Morseda Hasan Lipi is a housewife. We are not involved with politics in any way. Still, the police took them without a reason. There were not even any female officer when they took the girls. They were taken in a white microbus.’ In describing the incident, he said, the night the police knocked on to the door and we opened. OC Salauddinasaha entered the house with a team of 10-12 police. First they took everybody’s mobile phone. Then they put his wife and two daughters in the vehicle. They locked him and his fifth grade son Mehdi Hassan in his mother Hajera Khatun’s room. After that, one by one, everything in the home was ransacked. All they could hear was the noise of the destruction. 

Everything in the four-room house starting from the bedroom to the kitchen was destroyed. Raw meat from the refrigerator was lying on the floor and even bowls with daal spilling about. The washing machine was broken and thrown. In the bedroom, cupboards were broken and crashed over the half broken bed. In the sisters’ bedroom, not even the Quran escaped their rampage. Broken computers were lying face down on the floor. Books torn and scattered everywhere. Clothing from the wardrobe strewn all over the ground. Mahbub Hasan said “I am a sick man. Even the bathroom is not in a condition to be used. They did not stop at vandalism. Many things have been looted. Sums of cash and gold are still missing.”

Meanwhile there was another night raid at Kalyanapur in the home of local BNP leader and former ward commissioner Shamim Parvez. Unable to find Shamim, the police left carnage there as well. In addition, police raided Paikpara 31/A, Ahamadanagar’s Runu commissioner’s home. Unable to find him, the police picked up his disabled teenage son, Amin Mohammed Shuvo (13), daughter Sharmin and the care taker. Since then, Shuvo and Sharmin have been released. His home was vandalised as well. Yesterday at 11am BNP Dhaka city joint-convener Bazlur Rashid Anaju’s home was also raided and ransacked by Mirpur thana police.

Meanwhile, although it was claimed that the raids on brothers Mahbub and Mamun’s house were carried out by the Joint forces, there was no one other than the police. Members of the joint forces were not involved in the vandalism. A team led by Mirpur police chief Salahuddin was responsible for this act. Salahuddin was not available despite several attempts to contact him. 

Back in Mirpur thana, SI Ataur rahman informed that the detainees were kept in the police station. It was up to the higher authority to take decisions on them. Additional Deputy Commissioner of Mirpur division of operations Jasim Uddin denied that allegations of vandalism and destruction and claimed that the magistrate, the NSI and DGFI were present during the raid. Many posters and banners were seized from the raided homes.

Source: Translation of a Manab Zamin article

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