“My father is innocent”: Kamaruzzaman’s son

hasan iqbal

Hasan Iqbal, eldest son of Muhammad Kamaruzzaman has challenged anyone to prove his father’s involvement in the Sohaghpur massacre, on which he was sentenced to death on the verdict of the court. Hasan was speaking at a press conference at the Supreme Court Bar Auditorium on 10th November, 2014.

Earlier on 3rd November, the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court upheld the verdict of death penalty against Kamaruzzaman on the third charge of murder and rape at Shohaghpur. The International Crimes Tribunal-2 gave the initial death penalty a few months ago.

While answering a question of the journalists at the press conference, Hasan said ‘We can challenge, there is not a single book or journal that has the name of Kamaruzzaman or any information of his involvement in the Shohaghpur massacre.’

In a written statement, Hasan said, ‘my father has been sentenced illegally; He had never been to Shohaghpur. Even the formal charge brought by the Prosecution is silent about his presence in the village. ’

‘The prosecution presented a list of 46 people before the court as witnesses. Among them, 10 were called to the court for cross examination. Later, the prosecution added 3 more female witnesses for testimony. None of them claimed that they saw my father at Shohaghpur while giving their statement to the Investigation Officer.’

According to Hasan Iqbal, none of the major books and history compilations on Shohaghpur massacre such as ‘Shohagpurer Bidhaba Kanyara’ (Widows of Shohaghpur) written by journalists Mamunur Rashid, ‘Muktijuddhe Nalitabari’ (Liberation war in Nalitabari) written by freedom fighter Abdur Rahman, and ‘In Shraban I remember the massacre of Shohaghpur in 1971’ written by Afsan Chowdhury (former consultant editor of bdnews24.com) has mentioned the name of Kamaruzzaman in anywhere of their books.

‘My father was not involved in Shohaghpur or in any other massacre. He is an innocent person, victim of political vindication. He is not even remotely connected with the charges brought in this case.’

We hope and believe that the Supreme Court will review this judgment and uphold the rule of law and justice by setting my father free.

Family members of Muhammad Kamaruzzaman including his wife and other children were present at the press conference.

SOURCE: http://www.banglanews24.com/printpage/page/339310.html