Khaleda talks Human Rights situation with EU delegation

khaleda meets MEPs feb 2015

BNP says it has elaborately discussed the country’s present political and human rights situation with the visiting European Parliament’s sub-committee.

“Facts and documents over the country’s prevailing political and human rights situation have been given to the EU team during the meeting to get their attention in favour our demand,” BNP standing committee member Nazrul Islam Khan told The Daily Star after the EU team met BNP chief Khaleda Zia at her Gulshan office this evening.

“The EU delegation has been told that we want an immediate general election under a nonpartisan caretaker administration but the government does not pay any heed to the demand,” added Khan, who was present at the meeting.

Responding to a query, the BNP policymaker said that the EU team listened to their demands but did not make any comment instantly.

The European Parliament’s sub-committee on human rights along with its newly appointed ambassador to Bangladesh, Pierre Mayaudon, started the hour-long meeting around 6:40pm.

The team, which reached Dhaka yesterday on a five-day official visit, will monitor humanitarian issues, countrywide violence, extra-judicial killings, and the latest political developments.

Khaleda was held confined to her Gulshan office since January 3.

After 16 days of confinement, police removed all the barriers and withdrew additional law enforcers from in front of the office. Khaleda however opted to remain at her office.

Many people have already been killed and hundreds injured in the ongoing agitation. SSC and its equivalent exams have been rescheduled several times. The country’s top chambers estimate business has incurred a loss of Tk 2,277 crore a day since the blockade started on January 6.