[Islam Channel] Report on Day of Revolt with Zara Kadir – A Save Bangladesh activist – Oct 25, 2013

In an episode of Islam Channel Report, Yasmin Khatun questions Zara Kadir, on the situation in Bangladesh. Zara Kadir, an activist of Save Bangladesh, summarizes what #Day of Revolt means to the people of Bangladesh and the significance of a caretaker government which has been amended and removed by Sheikh Hasina, the current prime minister and leader of Awami League Party.

Oct 25th, 2013 marks an important day in Bangladesh as it is the last day of Sheikh Hasina’s government (current ruling Awami League party). According to the previous constitution that was agreed by the best national consensus since the Bangladesh Independence, she is supposed to hand over the power to a Neutral Non-Party Care Taker Government, who would hold a fair and free election to form a new government for the next term of 5 years. However Sheikh Hasina (current ruling Awami League Party) removed this article from the constitution through a controversial amendment that was opposed by every other parties, groups and institutions in the country, even opposed by many of her own party members. She has banned all forms of protest in the country but the opposition parties will be holding rallies and protests all over the country on Oct 25, 2013.

Source: ProgressBD