Indian Congress declares crusade against Bangladesh based on Joy’s article.


India’s Congress led government has embarked on a propaganda war against the state of Bangladesh based on an article written by Sajeeb Wazed Joy in which he accused various institutions of the state including the Army of having been infiltrated by Islamic extremists. 

Sajeeb Wajed Joy had written an article in the periodical Harvard International Review that a large number of Islamic extremists were present in the Bangladesh Armed Forces. Having highlighted that remark the Indian news media are reporting that Islamic extremists inside the Armed Forces might turn Bangladesh into a “Taliban state”. A report by India’s Times of Assam newspaper claimed that the Islamic extremist group inside the Bangladesh Army has become active in the meantime.

Sajeeb Wajed Joy, the Information Technology advisor to the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had written in an article published in the Harvard International Review in 2008 that the biggest obstacles to building a secular Bangladesh were madrasas and Islamists inside the Armed Forces. In that article Sajeeb Wajed Joy also discussed methods of turning those madrasas and Armed Forces officers into helpers of democracy. Many think that the article is a outline of the government’s plan to build a secular Bangladesh.

In order to support the assertion by Joy and thus to create a tension in India about the potential spread of terrorism Joy has had to rely on the work of the controversial journalist Salahuddin Shoaib Choudhury. Salahuddin Shoaib Choudhury is the editor of the Weekly Blitz. The Indian media are reporting that said editor is being pursured by a certain intelligence organization of Bangladesh for talking against jihadists. The Indian media are also reporting that the same intelligence organization is also active against other “anti-jihadists”.

Although by raising the issue of proliferation of militancy not only in Bangladesh, the Indian Congress-led government is trying to prevent the rise of “extremist” powers in the upcoming national election, by working with the United States through the diplomatic channel.

The Indian National Congress is trying to convince the United States that if the BJP wins the next elections in India and the 18 party alliance wins the election in Bangladesh then terrorism could spread in South Asia. Although the party wants the US next to it to ensure that BJP does not manage to get into power.

To ensure the success of the diplomatic wrangling the Indain Congress is trying to establish the threat of religious extremism in Bangladesh as well as India. As a part of this Sajeeb Wajed Joy’s article published in 2008 has been brought to the forefront. A news medium has reported last Thursday that extremist groups have recently become active in the Bangladeshi Armed Forces. Sajeeb Wajed Joy has written in his article that the majority of the members of the Bangladesh Army are in favour of an Islamic Revolution. They may try to establish a “Taliban government” at any time in Bangladesh. They have even reported, based on the comment by Law Minister Shafik Ahmed that the Taliban have sent a group to Bangladesh for jihad.


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