“Hefazat activists were sleeping in the streets wearing red color” : Prime Minister Hasina


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina claimed there was no shooting on Hefazat activists on 5 May rather wearing red color Hefazat activists acted dead.

On Wednesday 19 June, in the speech of point of order before the Parliament, she said they were sleeping in the streets wearing red color. Later they ran in fear of the police.

She also said that false propaganda is being spread in the name of Islam. “An MP of BNP has said in the Parliament that on 5 May 12 million firing has happened. It is false propagation. Lying is a sin in Islam. I believe they are committing that sin.”

Sheikh Hasina claimed that terrorists of BNP-Jamaat have run rampage in Motijheel. But so many false propaganda regarding this are spreading in the village. Village women are being confused with false information.

Regarding joint force’s operation on May 5, the Prime Minister said on the day there was no shell-firing.  The kids were brought from Madrasa. They were put on the bus. No Madrasa has any list of the missing students, she claimed.

On the rally in the capital on May 5, Hefazat activists are alleged by the authorities to have acted destructively in several kilometers of Motijheel Shapla Square, setting several buildings, shops and cars on fire. Hefazat denies violent behaviour.

On the previous day (May 4), main opposition party BNP’s chairperson and former Prime minister Khaleda Zia had announced a 48-hour ultimatum to the Government for the next national elections under Caretaker Government.