Get united, resist nat’l polls: Khaleda to all parties

Dhaka (RTNN): BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia in Rajshahi on Monday said I am not here to seek vote, rather I am here to call you all to resist the one-sided national polls.

“Outside the 18-party alliance, there’re many political parties which want the election to be held the under the non-party caretaker government. I urge them all to get united to save the country,” she said.

Khaleda, also the leader of the position in parliament, was addressing a mammoth public rally at Rajshahi Madrasah ground in the afternoon.

The BNP-led 18-party alliance organised the rally aiming to mobilise public support in favour of its demand for arranging the next polls under a non-party administration.

“There’s no time to see which party is big, which one is small, who is a big leader, who is small, who is left or right. Now our main aim is to save the country through holding the polls under a non-party caretaker administration,” the BNP chief told the rally.

Khaleda also threatened that if the AL government doest not restore the caretaker system by October 24 they will launch such a massive movement it will not get the escape route.

Khaleda Zia said the country’s independence is not safe in the hands of this worthless Awami League government.

“This government can’t even raise its voice when Bangladeshis are being killed and abducted along the border. It couldn’t do anything when Felani was killed. This is an incapable government. It cannot protect the country’s independence and sovereignty,” the former premier told her audience.

Criticising government’s failure in taking any move to ensure justice for Felani’s family, Khaleda Zia said had this government been in favour of the Liberation War spirit then it would not have sacrificed the county’s interest to others. “Those who are patriot sacrifice their lives for the country.”

She said drug smuggling has been allowed to continue unabated along the border aiming to destroy the youth, the country’s future leaders. The same thing had happened during Awami League’s rule just after the independence.

On Sunday, she held a rally at Rangpur. Her rally in Rangpur was part of her ongoing campaign at seven divisional headquarters to drum up public support for the caretaker government demand.

Khaleda, accompanied by top leaders of the 18-party alliance, left the city for Rangpur on Saturday.

Earlier on May 5, Khaleda attended a rally in Rajshahi.

She will return to Dhaka tomorrow.

Source: RTNN