Four members of Chatra League injured while making bombs


Four activists of Chatra league, the student wing of the ruling party Awami League, of Sonab area, Rupganj sub district have been injured while making bombs. Among them, one was said to be in critical condition. There were rumours about the death of Rokmotullah, one of the injured, on Thursday morning. But till the report was written, the death was not confirmed. The injured have been admitted to Dhaka Pongu Hospital and other local clinics.

The accident was said to have occurred late at night on Wednesday, at the house of Awami league Leader Lokman Hossain of Vulta Union, under the supervision of his son Chatra league leader while making bombs in a jute storage room at the facilities.

According to police reports from the local police station, residents heard sounds of a loud blast from the jute storage facility of Chatra League leader Shahin Mia last Wednesday at around 1.30 am in Sonab locality. Later police from Vulta station went there to investigate and found that Rokomotulllah, Shahin mia, Kobir and Rasel had been seriously injured while making bombs. Among them, Rokomotullah (23), the son of ward no. 9 Awami league President Abdul Hai, was subsequently admitted to Dhaka Pongu hospital in critical condition. After being informed, Rupgonj thana police OC and other high officials went to visit the site yesterday. The police broke into the locked room where the blast had occurred and allegedly confiscated the evidence, including 10 machetes, multiple knives and various local and foreign arms. The locals and other witnesses complained that right after the incident, several Awami league and Chatra league cadres had gone and cleared the evidence from the spot. Witnesses alleged that the members had resided there overnight and went away at the morning.

Regarding this issue, Rupganj Thana Chatra League leader Hafizur Rahman Shojib briefed jounalists that those involved were not from the Chatra league. “I have not seen them in any Chatra league or Awami league programs or rallies”, he said.

Source: Manabzamin