Four Bodies Recovered from Dhaka Bearing 62 Bullet Wounds


Dhaka: Four people died in different incidents at the capital today in Shewrapara and Technical area which are under the vicinity of Mirpur Model Police Station. Out of the four, police claimed three as yet unidentified youths were beaten to death at Shewrapara and the other one, a leader of Shramik Dal associated to the BNP, died due to a “gunfight” at Technical area.
However, police statements did not match the postmortem reports. Each of the deceased bodies had several bullet wounds. The three youths that died at Shewrapara had 56 bullet wounds to their bodies and the deceased Shramik Dal leader had six bullet wounds to his body.
On Sunday midnight police from Mirpur Model station recovered three dead bodies of unidentified youths. Police claimed they were mob lynched because of subversive activities, yet this did not match the postmortem reports. The deceased bodies had both injuries from severe beatings as well as many bullet wounds.
Meanwhile police claimed the Shramik Dal leader died in a “gunfight” with police at the Technical area. But the postmortem report identified primary cause of death as a fall from a car, while the body also had several bullet wounds. This “gunfight” incident matches with several recent cases in which individuals have died in police custody, with police alleging “crossfire” or “gunfight” deaths, while the post mortem reveals otherwise.
Superintendent Masud Parvez prepared the inquest report of the three unnamed deceased youth from Shewrapara. He gave a detailed description of the three bodies which showed each body had bullet wounds.
The first individual, aged 20, had 22 rounds of bullet wounds to his body. His left arm was broken and has four bullet wounds. There was injury from beating to the right arm, and eight bullets to the chest, one to the abdomen and nine bullets to the back. The report also mentioned blood from beatings stained across the body. The unidentified was wearing a brown half-sleeved shirt and blue trousers.
The second unidentified individual, aged 19, had 18 bullet wounds to his body. Of them two were to the left side of the neck, two at the left elbow, two at the left armpit, two at the chest, two to the top and bottom of the naval, five to the back, two to the thigh and two at the left side of the waist. He too had blood stains all over his body. The report mentioned he was wearing a half-sleeved yellow t-shirt and black trousers.
The third unidentified individual, aged 20, had 16 bullet wounds at different parts of the body. Out of these, one was to the chin, eight to the right wrist, two to the left ear and four to the chest. He was wearing a black and white checked shirt and yellow trousers.
The inquest report also claimed that the three was trying to kill people with petrol bombs and fire while they were chased away to east Shewrapara Baisbari area by the local people. There they were beaten by a mob and later police recovered them.
Mirpur police station Superintendent Rafiqul Islam prepared a report on Wadud Bepari, aged 30, in front of the Acting Magistrate. The report mentioned six bullets was found piercing Wadud Bepari’s body. Two we recorvered from the right chest, two from the abdomen, two from the left thigh and two from the back of the body. Yet the same report stated the reason for death was a fall from a car, alleging he died as he tried to escape from the police van and that Wadud’s associates exchanged fire with police.
Police lodged two separate cases at Mirpur Police Station.
On the incident at the Technical area, Superintendent Rafiqul Islam lodged a file under Special Act 1974 and penal code for arson attack as complaint number 60.
Superintendent Masud Parvez lodged a complaint against the 3 deceased youth on attempt to murder case as case number 61.

A further detailed report on the incidents can be found here.

Source: Sheersha News