Family Plea for Justice and Transparency of 5 Arrested Family Members[Sub]-Jan22, 2015


Five young students have ‘disappeared’ while in police custody after they were taken from their beds in the Moakhali area of Dhaka, and arrested at around 2.30am on 20 January, 2015. They have not been brought to court within 24 hours as required by law, and it is feared that they may be killed as there has been a spate of extrajudicial killings after police, RAB and other government agencies have abducted or arrested persons in recent weeks.

The disappeared students have been named as Mustafizur Rahman, Joynul Abedin, Arifur Rahman Arif, Khlaed Saifullah and Atiur Rahman. The families, who have not been able to make any contact with the family members, are pleading for urgent action by human rights organizations and legal authorities.



Source: ProgressBD