Execution of death penalty of Kamaruzzaman aborted at last moment on Friday


The execution of the death penalty for Kamaruzzaman was scheduled to be carried out tonight, but was aborted at the last minute by the government.

It was known from sources that the medical examination for Kamaruzzaman had been carried out satisfactorily in preparation for the execution of the death penalty. Following that, the imam had been called in as well. Nine armed personnel had been summoned into the prison facilities to help in the execution procedure. The security in the external premises had been heightened as well. Two ambulances had been called into the jail premises as well. But the decision of execution was aborted at the last moment.

It was known that the execution was aborted for two reasons. The first reason was that a file sanctioning the execution procedure which was supposed to have been sent to the jail authorities from the home ministry had still not being sent. This delay was due to the fact that the concerned employees had not attended office on Friday due to it being a holiday.

The second and more important reason for the abortion of the execution tonight was that Kamaruzzaman had wished to meet his family members as his last wish before being executed. Since the two stated issues would have taken a long time to deal with within Friday night, authorities said that they had decided to abort his execution at the last minute.

Source: Sheersha news