EU Delegation Rejects Comments of Foreign Minister Shahriar Alam [Text &Video]

EU delegation

The visiting delegation from the European Union has expressed their dissatisfaction at the remark of the State Minister for Foreign Affairs Shahriar Alam in which he claimed that the European Union has expressed no concern over the human rights situation in Bangladesh.

It should be mentioned that Shahriar Alam had made these claims with regards the visiting delegation while addressing a press conference at his Ministry on Wednesday after holding a meeting with the delegation.

The head of the visiting EU delegation, Cristian Dan Preda, expressed their particular dissatisfaction regarding the Foreign Minister’s remarks to the press following their meeting with the National Human Rights Commission Chairman, Dr. Mizanur Rahman, this morning.

Quoting a report of the Minister’s remarks from an English daily to the media, Dan Preda rejected the remarks stating, “I saw in The Daily Star the declaration of [State] Minister Shahriar Alam saying I quote ‘EU team not concerned about human rights situation’ and my declaration is very simple: We are here because we are very concerned about human rights situation.”

Source: Bangla Mail