DIG SM Mahfuzul Haq Nuruzzaman Orders Killing of Entire Families of Protestors[Sub]-Feb7, 2015

Deputy Inspector General SM Mahfuful Haq Nuruzzaman of Dhaka is seen in this video taking the responsibility of killing anyone who opposes and their entire families. “They are trying to wage a civil war in the country and trying to destroy the country. So if we have to fight a second war of independence – we will do so. But we have to save the people of this country. Why are we provided with weapons? We have been given weapons to protect the lives and properties of the citizens of this country. If anyone tries to destroy or kill, then are we going to sit and suck our thumbs? Do whatever is needed. Don’t just shoot – destroy their entire descendants. Not just in Gazipur, they should not be allowed to exist in any part of the country. Wherever and whenever you find them – if you catch them – do whatever you think is needed. I am giving the orders – you are going to implement. The responsibility is mine.”

Source: ProgressBD