Christian Association of Bangladesh accuse ruling party of attacks on minorities

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Christian Association of Bangladesh, ‘Those who talk about the Spirit of Liberation are the ones attckingf minorities’

The head of the Christian Association of Bangladesh, Albert D’Costa has stated, “Muslims are not savage, and neither is Bangladesh a terrorist state. In realitly those who scream about “The Spirit of Liberation War” are the ones who are carrying out the attacks on religious minorities.

He said these words at a discussion session titled “Communal Violence: In Search of the Truth” which was held at the National Press Club’s VIP Lounge by Bangladesh Federal Journalists Union and Dhaka Journalists Union.

He said, “Communalism has found no place in Bangladesh’s history. The country’s politicians, in order to achieve their own ends have carried out pre-planned attacks on minority communities so that they are subsequently blamed on the Muslim community, and are turning truth into falsehood and falsehood into truth.

Terming the Muslim community as peaceful, he said “Muslims are not savages, and neither are there terrorists in Bangladesh. Those who talk about the “Spirit of Liberation War” again and again are the ones carrying out such attacks” Those who attack religious minorities cannot be a part of any nation, race, party or religion. They must be identified and punished to save the nation from stigma.

Former Election Commissioner and Judge Abdur Rouf said: “Instead of seeing who is Bengali and who is non-Bengali, when one day Bangladeshi Nationalism shall be established, that is the day when the nation shall be free from communal attacks” The former Chancellor of Dhaka University Emaj Uddin Ahmed said, “Such nasty communal attacks have been carried out due to unhealthy and dirty politics”

He said, the government has carried out a fascist and Nazi incident by electing the majority of the seats from the parliament without an election. And even though India supported it out of its own interest, the rest of the international community and even its own media have severely criticized the election.

He alleged that communal attacks had been carried out in a non-communal country and the blame was placed on BNP and Jamat-e-Islami in order to deflect the attention of the media and the common people away from the elections.

Criticizing the lack of action on the part of the administration, the head of the Buddhist Federation Sukomol Barua said, it takes 7 to 8 hours for a temple to burn. If the administration wanted it could rapidly reach the site and arrest the attackers. But the administration was suspiciously quiet then, and still is quiet now. This in itself proves, that far from an attack by religious groups, the attack was carried out by government-backed forces. 

Blaming the Election Commision for the recent attacks on minorities, the Former Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University, Yusuf Haider said that the attacks were caused due to the Election Comissioner’s holding the elections after barring the BNP from participating in it.

Also speaking at the event of BFUJ President Ruhul Amin Gazi’s inauguration were Abdul Hye Sikder, North South University’s Professor Nurul Amin Chowdhury, former MP Nitai Ray Choudhury, Kollan Front’s President Goutom Chokroborty, BFUJ’s General Secretary Shawkat Mahmud, General Secretary of Press Club Syed Abdul Ahmed Promukh.

Time: 2138 hrs 12 January 2014

Sources: BDnews24 and AmaderShomoy

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