Chhatra League leader caught forging DU Vice Chancellor signature to facilitate illegal school admission business

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Dhaka University authorities held 4 students including a Chhatra League leader for illegally trying to facilitate the admission of students by forging the signature of Dhaka University Vice Chancellor Dr. Arefin Siddiqui.

The four were subsequently handed over to Shahbag police, informed the acting proctor Dr. M Amjad Ali.

The incident occurred on Wednesday afternoon at Dhaka University Laboratory School and College.

The name of the arrested Chhatra League leader is Debashish Sikder. He is the Student and School affairs secretary for Dhaka University unit Chhatra League. The three other arrested include three guardians Miraj Ahmed Mintu, his wife Dalia and another guardian named Sayema.

The arrested Chhatra League leader is a Masters student of the Music Department of the university and is a resident of Jagannath Hall (Room No. 6019).

It was known that Siddarth was aided by two other students of the same university, Abu Dawood and Muhit.

Moreover, it was known that Sayema’s husband, Qaimur Rahman, had given them money. However, authorities have been unable to nab Qaimur Rahman, Abu Dawood or Muhit.

Dr. M Amjad Ali informed that Habibur Rahman, the principal of Dhaka University Laboratory School and College would file a forgery case against the accused.

It was known that earlier that two students had applied for admission into Dhaka University Laboratory School and College under Dhaka University. The application files contained strong recommendations with the V.C’s signature itself. However, the school principal’s doubt about the authenticity of the signatures got the better of him and he went to meet the V.C. to inquire on the matter. Informing the principal that he had been involved with anything of that sort, he ordered the University proctor to take action on the issue.

After the principal called for the guardians of the two students to meet him, the guardians turned up to meet him, bring along Debashish himself. The proctor then questioned them and after questioning, he turned the guardians along with the main culprit Debashish over to Shahbag station police.

It was known that Debashish had taken forty thousand taka from the guardians of each student on the promise that he would get them admitted into class one of the Laboratory School. It was further known that he was a private tutor to both students.

The proctor said that Debabsish had earlier tried to lobby with him as well for the admission of the two students into the Laboratory School.

The two students who were being recommended by Debashish are Kaef Rahman Shaon, son of Qaimur Rahman, and Siraj Ahmed Joy, son of Miraj Ahmed Mintu.

When asked about the matter, the university Chhatra League President Mehedi Hasan Molla replied that, “We have permanently expelled him from Chhatra League after hearing about the incident. This is heinous. It is against the values of the Chhatra League. We condemn this act.”

Amjad Ali further said, “We cannot let those who commit such condemnable acts to roam around freely. Those responsible for the incident were arrested immediately and preparations are being done to file a forgery case against them. We will also take strong administrative action against them from the part of the university so that such incidents never happen again.”

 Source: Sheershanews