Blatant Yellow Journalism By Daily Star


16 Feb, 2015

Photo: 1- After severe criticism from its readers, The Daily Star edited the post and renamed the photos as “file photo”

Today (16th February 2015) The Daily Star, one of the leading English dailies of Bangladesh published a news update in its official facebook page that claimed Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been caught in severer traffic jam in the capital. To prove traffic jam amidst country- wide general strike called by the 20 party alliance, the admin of The Daily Star’s facebook page used some photos of last year’s traffic jam. Banners of T/20 World Cup Cricket Tournament can be seen in those photos that took place at Bangladesh in 2014. The T/20 world cup banners of the last year’s tournament along the road clearly indicate the time when those photos were taken. With those photos, the newspaper conspicuously tried to convince its readers that normalcy has been restored amidst countrywide shut down.

Photo 2: Screenshot of the photo used in The Daily Star’s facebook page

Severe criticisms from the readers compelled the admin to edit the post. (See the photo-1). Below you can see the actual photo of the traffic jam taken during the last year’s T/20 World Cup Cricket Tournament.

Photo3: Have a look at the photo and see how this leading media house cheats with its readers.

However readers soon detected this false news and criticized the media house for this blatant example of yellow journalism. Comments of some of the readers of that post are given below:

MD Mozammel Haq Neel: Ha ha ha this news made me laugh ……those pics are from 2014…. It seems The Daily Star is also a league broker …..

Tahzıba Hossaın: Lol! I think u guys are just joking around! Don’t u have a spare tym! Jodi ajke hasina traffic a atkay tahole T20 er banner rastay ki kortese ajob! Nonsense news! @the daily star

Mohaimen Bin Shawkat: What a p***k (comment censored), rofl, gotta watch the t20 banners before posting rubbish !! Get ready with your stuffs you’re moving to india with hasina soon

Source: BDToday