2 Sacks of Indian Bombs Recovered from Awami League Leader Residence

BGB (Border Guard Bangladesh) of battalion 52, recovered 2 sacks of Indian chocolate bombs (1584 pieces) from Foiz Ali’s residence, who is local Union Parishad chairman and Awami League leader of Fultola union, Juri Sub district, Moulovibazar district.


Local people informed the BGB Fultola camp to conduct a search of UP chairman and Awami League leader Foiz Ali’s home at Konagao and they were able to uncovered 2 sacks of Indian Chocolate bomb, 500 pieces of cigarettes and 15 bottles of wine.

Last Ramada,n three cartons of phensedyl were also recovered from UP Chairman Foiz Ali’s Birayntola residence. However, for unknown reasons, BGB did not take any actions against the people involved.

On the other hand, BGB Fultola sources informed us that on that day, two teenagers were going through the road with the seized 2 sacks of bomb and 1500 pieces of biri (local cigarettes), and fled away while BGB chased them.

Fultola union parishad Chairman Foiz Ali denied the incident and claimed somebody else placed the 2 sacks of Indian chocolate bomb beside the tube well of his Konagao residence to sabotage him and fled away. when he heard of the incident, he rushed to his place to inform the Fultola BGB of his situation. The Fultola BGB continued to seize his belongings.

Source: NewsOrgan24