Joint Statement of MAPIM and SHURA on Kamaruzzaman verdict


Joint Statement


11 th April 2015


The Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organization ( MAPIM) and The Secretariate for the Assembly of Ulama , Asia ( SHURA ) register our shock , outrage and condemnation on the continuous suppression of the Jamaat Islamic leaders through concocted allegations by the ruling party in the discredited International Tribunal set up by the Bangladesh government.

The recent yet another attempt to perish a prominent activist of the Jamaat Islam , Muhammad Kamaruzzaman reflects the unhindered effort by the government to wipe out the Jamaat leaders.

The acting Ameer of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Maqbul Ahmed has alerted this atrocious act of vengeance by the ruling party which has now proceeded further in the heinous conspiracy of the government to murder the senior Assistant Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, renowned intellectual, writer, journalist and popular leader Muhammad Kamaruzzaman .

We believe that if the abuse of the legal system in Bangladesh continues to prevail unchecked , Bangladesh will fail in meeting the required conditions of human right protection under the international law.

The government itself is conspiring to rule by law but with a vicious and vile goal of wiping out all opposition especially from the Islamic movement .

This is indeed an act of desperation , since millions of citizens in Bangladesh are sympathetic to the Jamaat Islami . The execution of judicial murder in the unrecognized tribunal set up by the government bears the fact that the Bangladesh ruling elite is trying but failing miserably , to present to the world that the trials were fair and had been conducted with due process of the law.

However it has become evident that the trials were conducted in a most pathetic manner that the sentences met out are highly questionable. Even records of judges conspiring with politicians to finalize their verdicts in accordance to the directions from the government has been exposed.

We condemn the persistent effort by the authorities of Bangladesh to proceed with the baseless accusations and issuing the final verdict to send the accused to the gallows. This is indeed not a normal prosecution by law but a persecution against political dissent .

We regret that the Bangladesh current government has gone down to this level and taking the path of governing by suppressing the opposition , knowing very well that the nation is still far in the back seat of development according to international standards, with millions migrating to fine decent living elsewhere .

The high unemployment rate , more than 45 % of its people living in extreme poverty , unable to meet the critical housing and basic needs , rampant corruption , inefficient health care , only shows how the government has misdirected its focus . A persistent push to satisfy a vengeance of a 1971 civil war has failed the country to progress to a decent level for its own people.

The Bangladesh government has preferred to be a government of vengeance. Political vendetta seems to be become the priority rather than progressing and moving forward to build a dignified nation and uplift its socio-economic standard of its own people.

We stand in solidarity with the leaders and supporters of Jamaat Islami of Bangladesh and pray that Allah will give strength to those who have become victims to the oppression by the government.

The people of Bangladesh should unite to show their resilience in facing such brutal politics and struggle to come out to seek a more stable and amicable solution that has besieged the nation.

We demand for a revoke of the sentence passed on the leaders of the Jamaat Islam . We call for the immediate release of Muhammad Kamaruzzaman .

We call for a dialogue for reconciliation of all parties in Bangladesh to resolve the dispute with a view that the much bigger picture to develop the country must take priority if the nation wants to come up and be respected as a Muslim country with dignity.

Abdul Ghani Samsudin

Chairman SHURA

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid

President MAPIM