“Which intellectual did my father kill?” questions Mujahid’s son


“The charge of intellectual killing on which my father’s death sentence has been upheld by the Supreme Court does not mention the name of the intellectuals who have allegedly being killed. No one from the victims’ families came forward to the tribunal to testify. I find it mysterious as to how the death sentence was upheld against such an allegation. So actually which intellectual did my father kill?”

Ali Ahmed Mabrur, son of Jaamat Secretary General Ali Ahsan Mujahid asked the above in order to question the logic behind upholding the death sentence.

On Tuesday a four- judge bench chaired by Chief Justice S.K. Sinha pronounced the appeal verdict upholding the death sentence awarded by the tribunal. The other judges are Justice Nazmun Ara Sultana, Justice Syed Mahmud Hossain and Justice Hasan Foyez Siddiqui.

Ali Ahmed Mabrur said, “Since we didn’t get justice at the tribunal earlier, so we had appealed against the verdict at Supreme Court. However, we have been deprived of justice here as well.”

He also said,”We are perturbed at the verdict. We will take the next step after talking with the lawyers.”

Mabrur futher said,” We are satisfied with the performance of our lawyers at the court and the reasoning they presented. Based on the soundness of their logic, my father was supposed to be acquitted.”

ICT-2 awarded Mujahid death sentence for crimes against humanity on 17th July of 2013. Mujahid then appealed against the verdict given by tribunal at Supreme Court. But the prosecution didn’t appeal since the highest punishment had been given.

Source: Online Bangla