This is how witness is “managed” in International Crimes Tribunal in Bangladesh

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Cases against three criminals are considered, with political motive, to withdraw as they are going to place legal statement as witness against Salahuddin Quader Choudhury, a current MP form opposition party BNP. All the nine top brass of the largest Islamist party in Bangladesh, Jamaat e Islami which is the ally of top opposition of BNP, are facing trials for their alleged “crimes against Humanity during 1971”.

In SQ Choudhury’s case, a letter has sent from the Chittagong District Magistrate’s office to the office of Home Minister with a headline to abrogate cases against three persons who will be the legal witnesses in the ICT against Salahuddin Quader Choudhury, an anti-human criminal of 1971.

In the letter, it is mentioned that in order to abrogate cases, the certified copy of filed documents against Md.Nurunnabi (accused in case no 27(1)07 G of Cotoaly thana of Chittagong district, case no 47/2007 and case no 17/08 of Panchshail thana) Mohammad Nur Kutubul Alam and Md. Jane Alam (accused in case no 29/10 of a C.R case of Rangonia thana) are obtained/ found. By taking things under special consideration, it is requested in the letter to take necessary steps. A copy of the letter is reserved by/ collected by this reporter.

The then District Magistrate Foij Ahammad sent the letter to the Senior Secretary of Home Ministry.
In present regime, it is reported that, National Committee already ordered to withdraw a total number of 7101 cases completely or partially. As a result, almost 100 thousand criminals have got release or under the process to get release from allegations and cases who are accused for killing, rape and various crimes.

The UN Human rights wing, HRW, Amnesty and a number of HR groups has expressed deep concern and pointed out serious faults of this tribunal which lacks international and domestic standards. A number of international media including the economist revealed some Skype scandals and termed the trial process as witch hunting against specific political quarters.

Source: CNN ireport