Shibir president appears to have been tortured in police custody

shibir cp4

A severely ill Mohammad Delwar Hossain, the central president of Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir, was brought to the magistrate’s court today to attend hearing.

Clearly unable to walk, Hossain was carried into the court by police men from the prison van. The Shibir president appeared barely conscious and winced at the slightest movement, apparently from pain. Both of his feet were in ankle braces.

The police had put him in bar fetters even though he was unable to move on his own. Hossain has spent 53 days in police remand since his arrest. Today the police prayed for 17 days of remand but the court rejected the prayer due to the health condition of Mohammad Delwar Hossain.

The court also ordered to submit a medical report on the defendant’s health on 28 May. Hossain’s lawyer Abdur Razzak says his client was inhumanely tortured in custody by the police. “Even though it is illegal to torture in police remand the police have tortured the Shibir president” said Abdur Razzak. Calling it a gross violation of human rights Razzak claimed that Hossain sustained severe injury in his whole body. “He can’t walk. He can’t even sit” said Abdur Razzak to reporters.



The lawyers for Mohammad Delwar Hossain also claimed that the police abused their client by openly swearing at him while in the court premise.

Shibir Secretary General Mohammad Abdul Jabbar condemned the treatment of the Shibir president and said that the government has sank to a new low by brutally torturing Delwar Hossain in police custody. “The government simply wants to kill him” said Jabbar in a written statement. Shibir has called a country wide demonstration tomorrow on 21 May in protest of police torture on the Shibir President.

Article source: BD Chronicle